Hope springs eternal with two good arms.

The sling has been slung and the splint is off. I still have some stiffness (and a lingering dread of toys that spin). I think it will be fine after a few days of good stretching. I feel like I haven't stretched this arm in years! Oh, the relief you feel from a good stretch. I used to hear,"I'd stretch a mile if I didn't have to walk back." I don't know how far I want to stretch my tender limb but it will be good to reach up again.
Knitting is not as tough as you'd think when in a splint. Since it was my left hand, I could just hold the needle and do all the manuevering with my right. It still hurt after a few minutes, but I accomplished a bit.
Today is costume creation day. Circus Side Show was the theme, but Syddle wanted to be a dinosaur instead. Bob and I will stick with the theme even without our tiny Barker/Ringmaster. That is fine, she is happy with her green suit. It has padding around the bottom that gives her a pear shape that is adorable in its wrongness on my skinny little girlie. I hope she doesnt't change her mind since she destroyed the tag first thing. I know, I know. I was supposed to make the thing instead of buy it. Well, laziness and a tough German test kept me from trying a brand new pattern with very little free time. Chastise and berate, go ahead, I deserve it.

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