Ketchup catch up

Well, actually, no ketchup. I rather hate the stuff. I am currently avoiding a Sociology paper that is due tomorrow, along with crafting a great excuse as to why I have yet to turn in a paper in Relaxation. Yes, I have a relaxation class...and yes, there was a paper due. It was such a strange request that I have yet to attempt it. Feeling under the weather still. I have a few days of antibiotics left for a raging ear unfunction that I suffered with last week. I had to miss school on Monday. Not a fan of the absences. However, last semester was so much more hell than this one so I no worry. I'll catch up.
My neighbors (not directly, but across from the condos in front of us) have quite the fight going. Over the past few weeks, we have heard at about 2 am a woman screaming unintelligible somethings in a "No, please" manner. Another night around 9 I heard a man shouting, then around 10 I heard "FREEZE POLICE". I didn't hang to check it out. I figure stray bullets happen and I have no interest in those things. Tonight I heard one yicky scream that kinda made me wonder. I don't want to get involved since I am so far away from the actual place. I can't even pinpoint THE apartment. I can only hope for the luck and pluck of strangers.
I have not been crafting. My solemn oath has fallen by the wayside. My apologies. I finished quite a few items and sold most to my pals months ago. I haven't undertaken the Etsy task yet. I have the account, but haven't posted anything yet. Nerves? Esteem? Lazy? Who knows. I miss my old crafting nights. Whether I was just knitting with a couple of girls or sewing away with Miss Jordan and my fancy new sewing apparatus, I was doing something. Sometimes I think I am doing nothing more than cleaning a mess that will be remade tomorrow, over and over.
I want to open the bakery NOW. I don't want to deal with school first. I don't want to wait years. I want it now. I can't have it now though. I feel like I'm stuck. I want to take off to culinary school, can't. I want to run away to stalk fantastic cake bakers who I love to watch on Food Network, can't...and also illegal. I want to marry Duff from Ace of Cakes, can't... kinda married already. I want to quit school and work in a little bakery in Jonesboro. I have only walked inside it once, but it smelled so good that I want to live there. I have no idea who owns it or anything about it except that smell. I can't wait to smell like cake all day. Someone asked if I would grow tired of cakes since it would be my job. How could that happen? Oh, the magic that I feel when I am crafting a dessert is amazing. I love to make people feel happy with food. It is the one thing that we all need and it is the most honest craft. Chocolate cake tells no lies. It is good. It is great. Or it is not. Honest and chocolate. Freakin awesome.
This was not a craft post. But it was a post by a crafter, so cut me some slack. I'll right myself eventually and climb back atop my crafting steed. And when I do, you will all question how on earth I do it. My fabulicity will astonish the masses.

Lovins, Kitty