Sweater Weather

I suppose it is time to create something of love and snuggles for my Rozzie. She shivers when she has to go outside and the temp is in the 60s (I'm guessing). She is such a lap dog that it will have to be fancy. She is just begging for a new sweater. I think I will try this coat pattern I found online to make a sweet fleece coat. I have some pink (won't need much) and will line it with the same. If I am clever, I can make it reversible in case of stains. She is low to the ground and the grass grows mighty tall sometimes.
I finished Sydney's sweater a couple of months ago. She will be wearing it now that the temperature has dropped. She looks so cute in it. Grape is the color. Super cute. I should start something for her for the spring...I might finish it by then! I am such a lazy knitster. I am just so damned tired all the time. I don't even have the energy to knit while I watch tv anymore. Project Runway was just on and Hubbins had to wake me up to watch it. I had zonked out on the couch! Before 9 pm!! I'll blame the ear infection.
I also owe him something of substance to wear. I was working on his vest (previously mentioned) and it was a miserable failure.
Kiddo is screaming "Momma, Momma!" Gotta run.

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