fell down go.... OH MY GOD IT HURTS

i fell today over syd's sit n spin. not her fault. i wasn't watching where i was going. i was griping with bobby about the way he washed the dishes. why complain? i mean he did them. i should let it go. anyway, i fell. cut my hand, landed hard on my alrealy arthritic knee with a mean 237 pounds, and caught my balance with my left wrist against the corner brace stud of the livingroom. in other words, fuckin ouch. i thought i was fine, but now bobby and i think i need an xray, weird swelling and stiffness along with some freakin pain.
all i fucking needed was to nearly kill myself by falling. bobby even asked if i thought i needed an ambulance when it happened. must've looked bad and with all the screaming, must've sounded bad too.

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Lydia Gwyn said...

I hope you're not in pain anymore. Poor Kitty!