Mocking the bird

I have chosen three pieces of work to submit to the Mockingbird. I can only hope that I am chosen for one of its pages. I decided a newbie of mine, Admitted Intent, shoud go in along with two others, Patient and Comprehension. The first is only a week or so old and is somewhat dark but stunning. It has a hard hit and stuns the reader. At least I hope. Those were Bobby's words. The second is one that I entered into the Johnson City Public Library poetry contest. I had to choose a different name. We will see if the choice was helpful or not. The third can be seen as more light-hearted but it really just speaks of how different people can take writing differently and about the ambiguity that some poets choose to create within.
I think there is some rule about publishing anything in a blog before it is used in a contest, so I can't do so. But if you want to email me, I will happily share my choices.

Halloween was a win-lose. Syddie was an adorable little dinosaur who was so great during trick-or-treating. After we got home, though, the tummies of Mommy and Daddy went downhill. I was sick as a dog while dropping her off at Mimi's house. When Bob and I went out that night, we were back home within the hour. I was horribly sick at the Hideaway so we left. When we got home, we were both pukie and truckin to the bathroom all night. Sucked a buncha. So, we will have great memories of our little girl asking for seconds from almost every house we stopped at and of her singing "I like eating candy. It's what I do-do-dooooo-do-do" which she made up as we walked. And of her saying "Does this house have pumpkins?" after she realized that only the jack-o-lantern adorned houses had candy. AND of her saying "Alright. You stay right here. I'll go get candy." when she wanted us to stay at the sidewalk. (which we couldn't because a group of 6-9 year olds were running and pushing in front of her - Syd is so unused to that she said "Hey stop running") And of her telling us in the car later that "It was so much fun trick and treating for Halloween candy." It might not have been the anniversary that we wanted, but it was a much better Halloween than we could have imagined.

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Lydia Gwyn said...

Ooooo, email the poems to me! I'd love to read them.