Bearly busy at all.

These are two enormous pictures of the lil brown bear that I recently needle felted. He took hardly any time at all and barely put up a fuss. I was, however, wounded during battle by my own weapon. I poked my thumb with the barbed felting needle whilst looking up to be nosey instead of focusing on the furry face I was fiddling with.

At any rate, I love the little booger and have yet to allow him into the care of my little girl. She is just turning two Friday and, well, she might not appreciate the fine craftswomanship that Mommy put into this furry friend. I am trying to find an excuse to carry him everywhere with me and say loudly to all who'll listen, "Look what I made!" I have yet to find a good one.

I am quite happy that I have begun to craft again as it has been a long while since my last completed project. The purses that I finished last week turned out well and if I could ever find a great way to photo them I'll post. I must sleep, my lovelies, finals are around the corner and this History isn't going to learn itself. Loves to all.


Green thumb

Today I played in the dirt. I planted azaleas and petunias. I potted my cilantro and peppermint plants for the kitchen. I have yet to crafticize anything more than a plain lap blanket that I am currently knitting. Just a 36 by 36 square with some yarn from the dollar bin with a cotton candy appearance. I love the softness and my little girl says its "sweetie-soft". She'll get it when its finished... as she does with everything I make.