Monster bag

The finished product!!!!!! Lining and everything!! Read the adventure below...

Oh, my. I've knitted a blister. Terrible really. I began a new project and its kicking my tushie.
I'm doing a variation of a monster bag I found online forever and ages ago (it is unfortunate, but I cannot recall the pattern's creator OR the site where I found it). I'm trying a few different things with it, though, so hopefully that lets me off the hook. This pattern is so very, very flexible and you can make changes as you choose. **Keep in mind: larger needles will make more space between your stitches. It may ruin your hopes of a trustworthy bag.

*Try your local Dollar Tree, Everything's a Dollar, Big Lots, or other one price store. I've found a great stash of yarn for $1 a ball. The same yarn is $4.99 at Michael's craft store!!! Oh, savey savins, fun, fun, fun...

I am using 2 strands of lime colored Boucle yarn and 1 strand of a green eyelash yarn. I have no idea how many ounces I'll need, yet. Best bet would be to try this with a yarn that is unlikely to dissappear on you since you may realize you need another ball or two near the end. Remember, the dye lot rule!!

*10 1/2 straight needles

Cast on 38.
Rows 1-3: Knit every row.
Row 4: Knit 12 stiches, bind off 14, knit 12.
Row 5: Knit 12, cast on 14 stitches, knit 12. (I used single cast on. Cable would work, too.)

Knit every row for 16-18 inches.
Next row: knit 12 stitches, bind off 14, knit 12.
Next... knit 12, cast on 14, knit 12.
Knext...... knit 3 rows, knitting 38 stitches each row.
Lats row: Bind off all stitches. Weave in ends. (I'll be tying a small knot on the inside/wrong side of the fabric to solidify the last stitch. Before weaving in ends of individual strands in separate lines.)

White felt eyes and teeth will be sewn on one side of the folded work to give the appearance of a monster head when the bag is finished.

I plan to fold finished work in half and sew the sides using the green eyelash yarn. Leave a space at the "top" of each side to allow handles to move with the dowels in place. I will be sewing a short, thin dowel into the 3 row space at the beginning and end of the work to give the bag more structure. I'll post pics when I get there. Don't fret if you can't picture the dowels being comfy, its another take it or leave it suggestion.

Lining is possible, though not necessary. If your stictches are tight and consistent, you should have no problem of holes in the work. If you want to add a lining, measure the lining fabric against the finished knitted work before sewing the sides. Machine sew fabric right sides facing, bag measurements ( I won't go into detail here, because I'm sure you know how to sew a "pillowcase" type liner) will need to be measured since not all bags will match this pattern. Hand stitch the hemmed liner into the bag with right sides facing so that the patterned side of the lining will be visible when looking into the bag.

This should (cross your needles) have worked out magnificently for you and there should be an adorable bag sitting in your lap. Toss in your change purse, a lipstick, wallet, pack of gum and a power bar. You've got some yarn shopping to do and this "scurry" bag will be just the thing to warn the other shoppers, "Back off. That's my skein."

*** I finished the knitting and sewing of the bag. I love it. The "fabric" is strong and tightly knit so I am using it without a liner right now. I chose not to use the dowels to strengthen the handles. I ran a simply stitch through the handles (straight across) to add some invisible strength.
I ended the project with quite a callus on my 1st finger on my left hand from fighting my needles, so make sure that you choose needles that the bulky yarn will slide on easily. Multiple strands make it tough on novice knitters, so....make a swatch to practice. (Arrgh, the dreaded swatch)

******Kelly gave me the wonderful idea of using this method to construct a laptop cover. Oh, the fun....

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