Begin at the beginning...

(pssst...thats me in a new hat I made for my kiddo)

I am not at all original in this idea. I saw a crafter's blogspot and thought "what a great idea". She uses this as her motivation to finish projects. So, I steal. I stoly-stole the idea and ta-da...

I have an illness that shakes up my emotions quite a bit. Crafting is the best way to deal with it, for me. I create something with all the energy that the worry stirs up. I grow tired alot, so projects are usually quick, easy, or done in steps so I can return to it later. (I hope to post exact directions so you can stealy-steal the projects, too.) I knit, paint, sew, sculpt, decoupage, build, and just generally make something out of something else. I would love to learn to crochet, but I'm all thumbs when it comes to that. (Is there a craft using all thumbs? That is your first homework assignment.)

Some projects will be my own creations, some will have been dreamed up by others. All crafts will be attributed to the right creator and I hope you will do the same if you choose to repost in anyway. (I know you crazy kids will do that.)

Craftitude is about attitude. The stranger is no danger here. Strong, fun, crazy things are waiting to be dreamed up by anyone willing to think outside the box. So, grab two things and glue them together, hey you made something... now, figure out how to get the remote unstuck from the dog.

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