Halloween furfest


I have (just in time) finished our costumes. We're cavemen! I made a smock type for him and a dress for myself. Our shoes are covered in fur to look like boots and also to add some warmth to our costumes since it will be freezing tonight! I made a cute little purse as well since I have no pockets for my id and things.

For the purse, I used:

one bank bag, rectangle with zipper
fabric cut large enough to fit around the bank bag wth a 1/4 to 1/2 inch seam allowance ( i used fur to match my costume)

Fold fabric and sew up sides (right sides facing). Turn project right side out. Place bank bag inside (pocket) that you have just sewn. Tuck the edges in to give it a hemmed appearance. Use sewing maching to stitch around top edge to attach the fabric to the bag (like sewing in a liner). It is kind of tricky to maneuver the bag around since the zipper is already installed, but have patience. This is the easiest way to "make" a bag. No zipper to sew in, no liner to measure.

Its cute, simple, fun and the most original addition to my costume. Buttons, flowers, or other small items could be glued or sewn on to add some flavor. Match or contradict your fabric. Make it original! I glued a bone on the corner of the front side. Its Cave-chic.

Have fun, Kiddies, don't eat too much candy.

****Whoo-hoo to Walmart's fabric counter for having the perfect Woolly Mammoth fur for our costumes. Only $6.97 a yard I think.

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